Onward through the blogs |

January 2021 Update

Welcome to the 3.2 version of me.

Beginning today I am going to update and refresh some of these pages. Here goes.

Sometime in 2015

I love technology  >  digital strategies > websites, blogs, social media and all that they bring into my cave.

A self-confessed MacAddict, I have every  i-Thing that comes down the pike: iPad, iTouch, iPhone, iMac, iEverything. Holding my breath and counting the days till the Apple Watch comes out.

I like to “think different,” and was very sad when Steve Jobs died.  He belongs in that category of people I mourned  and still miss like they were personal friends (along with Jim Henson and Walter Cronkite and a list that is quickly going to become too long to list here – see obit club musings for more details about such things)

I feel “professionally responsible” when I  update my LinkedIn profile but am sort of addicted to Facebook.

I have even been sucked into Pinterest, which is an online bulletin board or “pin-board” of collections of things that catch your eye, tickle your fancy, or that you want to share with the rest of the world.

But when I really want to sink my teeth in to something that will make the time speed by, I like to wander out among the blogs. Hurray for WordPress, a free site that hosts many of my favorite blogs!

And wow! What talent lies among us!

I am going to start this list of my favorite blogs in no particular order -(okay – maybe alphabetically), and add to it regularly. Starting with my friends’ blogs – and those  I read regularly.  As I go along I will add strangers’ blogs.  I will try to track my wandering and share what I find along the way.

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