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I am a lifelong Texan who has been lucky enough to find that some dreams do come true. I was married to the great love of my life for more than a decade and we really did live happily ever after, absolutely, and in spite of ourselves.  Who would have thought that it would be so easy? Like all good stories, it ended too soon, but for a while, we had it all.

Today, I have five amazing children, Jenni, Sterling, DeLynn, HalleyAnna and Patrick, and three beautiful granddaughters, Butterfly Annie, Caitlin and Nora, to whom I am Birdy.

There is a website that focuses on my  professional work,  and a few clips of published writing from here and there, and I hope you find the time to visit that site sometime along the way. (DianaHendricks.com)

Meanwhile, forgive the typos and rambling you find in the posts on this blog. Consider it  a dime-store diary tucked between the couch cushions, to which you have found the little tin key.

And if you want to read more about this blog, please visit my first entry to this forum.

Thanks for stopping by. If you like what you’re reading, come back and visit.  I’ll be around.

All my best,


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